Clinical trials: getting started as a startup

I’ve noticed that first-time biotech founders often don’t have a clear idea of their path through the clinic. Clinical trials remain this semi-mystical black box that eats tons of money in exchange for the hope that one’s therapy “passes” and eventually, reaches patients. I think this is partly because it can be hard to knowContinue reading “Clinical trials: getting started as a startup”

The Bacterial Antibiotics Pipeline: Still Broken, No Fix in Sight

I’ve been heads down working on the new startup recently, but had to pause at the news that J&J is exiting the bacterial antibiotics space. They’ll still develop antivirals (targeting HIV, flu, and the common cold) and vaccines (including one against ExPEC, extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli), but it looks like they’re winding down efforts againstContinue reading “The Bacterial Antibiotics Pipeline: Still Broken, No Fix in Sight”