Contours of the land

Once, the land stretched out endlessly before us, with its serpentine contours, valleys and hills, bays and peninsulas. Our paths hugged the coastline, undulating with the landscape, winding through gentle slopes and valleys in avoidance of steep peaks and unsteady terrain. Topology dictated our movement. Then we built. Slowly at first. We learned to terraceContinue reading “Contours of the land”

Biology x Classification: An instructional on species

It’s been a while since I updated, thanks to the hectic nature of moving to a new state, driving across the U.S. for a third time, and getting settled before I start work. Here’s a cross-post from a project inspired by my friend Cindy Nguyen. She runs Haptic Press, a creative arts labspace for anyone toContinue reading “Biology x Classification: An instructional on species”