What ate the public biotech market?

The usual disclaimer: I’m not investment advice. I hold $XBI. With thanks to Carl West for editing and feedback. In case you don’t know, the biotech market is down. Like, really down. With the biotech rout in the public markets, I wondered whether there are any trends that can be pulled out of the plungeContinue reading “What ate the public biotech market?”

Thoughts on the public biotech bust (and does it matter for startups?)

Disclaimer: THIS POST IS NOT FINANCIAL OR INVESTING ADVICE. If you’re looking for that, consult with someone working as a financial advisor and/or (maybe not) the Twitter/Reddit stonk memes. Public biotech valuations have collapsed, plummeting far beyond the overall market. Much has been written about public biotech bust (here, here, here, and Google if youContinue reading “Thoughts on the public biotech bust (and does it matter for startups?)”